DSS International School,

Davangere, Karnataka

Client             :    Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa

Gross Area   :    1,60,000 Square feet

Status            :    In Progress

Cost                 :    INR 30 Crores

The concept for the new school is to create an accessible and intimate building that engages with its context, environment, local community and most importantly, children and the staff. It should be an invigorating and exciting place to go to school. The building's form is generated by the orientation of the site. Its plan nestles into the wide space of the site creating an ambient space.

To the South, the building will be sunken into the landscape helping it to sympathetically integrate with the site and sheltering it from heat and energy loss. To the North the building will open up and engage with the outside spaces which surround the building.

The building itself is composed of 2 elements; The "Heart of the school" and the "Class based elements". These 2 elements are arranged carefully to ensure that the building can be used securely by the staff and children. The building will create a sense of place and gives SS Public School a clear and approachable identity within its community.