AECS layout, Bengaluru

Client             :    Just Books

Gross Area   :    3,000 Square feet

Status            :    Completed 2012

Cost                 :    INR 25 lakhs

The whole library is divided into 4 parts consisting of main library (English) and 3 regional languages library. The concept was to create a unique experience to the visitor upon entry. The books racks are designed with keeping in mind the concept of a "Labyrinth or a maze" of Books. The visitor moves through a continuous and a series of circular book pods with each pods housing various types of books. Interesting nooks and spaces are created at the intersection of 2 circular pods, which opens up sometimes into a transition spaces and sometimes with interesting seating's. This series of looping and continuous links of the book shelves creates an interesting spatial movement, where the book lovers love to get entangled into labyrinth of the books.

With each circular pods a reflective ceiling to match the pods pop out from the conventional false ceiling to give a bubblelike effect to entire premises complimenting to the design and shape below. The use of color is predominantly white with dull beige on the ceiling to highlight of the pop up ceiling. The color of the books adds varied color pallet to the interiors giving the users a calming and a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy their books