K L E Law College,

Bangalore, Karnataka

Client             :    K L E Society

Gross Area   :    70,000 Square feet

Status            :    Completed 2016

Cost                 :    INR 14 Crores

The KLE Law College is situated at a suburban location in Bangalore. The project seeks to create an engaging learning environment that serves as a locus for inspiration to its students. The building is shaped according to site conditions, appearing as two large bays - one splayed and another linear.

This project was aimed at creating an inspiring learning environment for students. In the facades, sun shading elements have been used as interesting massing entities in a mix of light and dark shades maintaining the overall visual balance. The sloped roof of the auditorium on the top floor gives the building an iconic silhouette. A notable feature of the college is the courtroom which gives the aspiring lawyers the perfect platform to set off into becoming professionals. The energy of an actual courtroom is recreated by the usage of a selective material palette and precise detailing. Customised grill work used in the building’s interior ensure an interesting play of light. The spacious library spanning three floors with a grand stairway, acts as an abode of knowledge and a healthy interactive space for students to socialise.