Nagesh Residence,

Nagarbavi, Bangalore

Client             :    Mr. Nagesh

Gross Area   :    8,000 Square feet

Status            :    Completed 2011

Cost                 :    INR 2.2 Crores

Rather than to offer typical layout for the typical plot, we classify programs into two boxes: a massive Curve box for well partitioned private areas and services that would include bedrooms and bathrooms, and a garage and a transparent box for open common areas including the living,dining,studio, and circulation areas.

The massive Curve Wall is an entirely concrete construction, finely plastered and painted, and clad with vertical layers of local teak- a common technique in contemporary tropical building construction.

The strategy is to combine the two boxes to form an intermediary space that articulates the transparent box into well-defined spaces for various activities. The transparent box is both a double-height interior space for the family to share, as well a shelter for an open-air tropical verandah.