Ogara Hotel

Kengeri, Bangalore

Client             :    M/s Ogara

Gross Area   :    40,000 Square feet

Status            :    In Progress

Cost                 :    INR 20 Crores

The Ogara Hospitality Building located at the busy Highway in Kengeri is designed to catch the eye of the people passing by through its contemporary one of a kind architecture. The massing consists of an elongated cuboid with perpendicular fins to elate the vertical lines.The architecture is designed to foster travel and lifestyle through luxury and economy.

The interiors consist of Fast-food restaurant, Banquet hall, Fine-Dining restaurant, Roof-Top restaurant, varied rooms and suite rooms. The Fast- Food restaurant is designed to maximize floating crowds with fluidic furniture designs, the fluidity emanating into the false ceiling as well. The Banquet hall on the first floor furnished lavishly is designed to make your next social gathering truly special.

With the light partitions accentuated running along the central area of the Fine-Dining restaurant within the mild ceiling lights contemplates an elegant experience. The various types of rooms are furnished lavishly including the suite rooms boasting of a spectacular highway view. The Roof-top Bar & Restaurant designed extravagantly to host various events and themes with its dance floor, music room and dining areas.