Davangere, Karnataka

Client             :    Mr & Mrs. Dr.ShamanurShivashankarappa & Parvathamma

Gross Area   :    55,000 Square feet

Status            :    Completed 2015

Cost                 :    INR 11.5 Crores

This was a renovation project of the academic block in the campus of PSSEM Residential School. Emphasis was given on the creation of interesting spaces using a conceptual approach to interior design to lead the students into an aura of learning. False ceiling designedto complement the activity and nature of space within, helps set the students’ spirit. The labs have thematically designed ceilings. In the chemistry lab, the ceiling has projected hexagons in a deep mauve shade. The biology lab has green spline-like projections giving an organic feel to the space. The spacious lobby areas have ply wood projections on the roof clad with veneer which complement the brick-red borders of the granite flooring. Lattice work on the projections made with CNC cut MDF board, within which lights are concealed, emanate difused light giving the space richness and grandeur.