PURAVIDA Residence,

Doddaballapura, Bangalore

Client             :    Naveen & Suma

Gross Area   :    3,200 Square feet

Status            :    Completed 2017

Cost                 :    INR 90 Lakhs

In a 60' X 40' site nestled in a newly developing area in the foot of nandi hills in Doddaballapur, Bangalore, our client needed a vacation retreat home, which would be a classic fusion of Indian and international tastes. The requirements placed for "PURAVIDA" - a Costa Rican phrase meaning pure life, were primarily: three bedrooms, large common areas and some recreational spaces. This led to zoning and planning the house with focus on ease of circulation, good lighting and ventilation. The facade looks pleasant and inviting with a wood panel-clad recession that forms an intriguing passageway leading to the foyer and waiting area. The interior is flooded with natural light entering through numerous open-to-sky areas. A number of tiny green patches have been integrated in the planning to bring the freshness of the foliage within. The living extends into a courtyard and further to the dining area, looked on by the open kitchen. Large glass doors and windows from these areas offer soothing views of the swimming pool right outside. Such instances of continuous, unobstructed spaces give the home a sense of spaciousness and the user, a sense of freedom. The swimming pool, with its soft blue waters, set against a backdrop of rugged stone and exposed bricks offer a vivid contrast to the eyes. A raised deck on the pool side finished with rustic concrete walls acts as a cozy corner to view the water cascade feeding the pool. The large bath area provides the user a luxurious experience with minimal sense of confinement. Various factors such as the colors, textures, elements and choice of materials impact the nature of spaces created within. The visuals play with your psyche to induce a sense of calmness that makes you feel closer to nature. Intensive use of wood gives the interiors a warm and cozy appearance against the rustic and textural nature of backdrops. Pine wood was a cost-effective, locally available material of choice. Usage of an earthy toned color palette throughout the residence plays along with the intent.