Amodhini Farm House,

Hosur, Tamilnadu

Client             :    Mr. Venkatesh Iyer

Gross Area   :    3,600 Square feet

Status            :    In Progress

Cost                 :    INR 0.8 Crores

The Site is located in the rural area of Hosur, Tamilnadu. It comprised of 30 Acres of Farmland with high signatures of contour and surrounded with the forest area, which gets close to the nature. The design are been proposed based on the vernacular architecture which suites to the location for farm and forest views. The planning uses opportunity to include large openings which helps to circulate fresh air and natural lighting throughout the house. The materials used like wire cut bricks, columns and Beams are exposed which makes rustic effect and longstanding throughout the decades. The Ornate wooden columns furnishes the façade. Handmade tiles (Athangudi tiles) are been used for the flooring which creates traditional effect. The spatial planning which majorly divides the house through courtyard into private and semiprivate areas. The semiprivate area includes the foyer, kitchen and premium living space where they can get the farm views. The private area consists three bedrooms where they can have the forest and sunrise/sunset views.The house opens up to outside lawns and landscape, this creating a peaceful environment for the owners and giving opportunity to get close to nature.