DSSSP Kalyana Mantapa,

Davangere, Karnataka

Client             :    Dr.Shamanur Shiva Shankarappa & Parvathamma

Gross Area   :    35,000 Square feet

Status            :    In Progress

Cost                 :    INR 7 Crores

This is a marriage/function hall constructed for the benefit of local population who can rent the hall, free of cost. A celebratory mood is invoked as the guests are welcomed by a grand portico which creates the exclusive drop-off zone. The fa├žade has pilasters, inspired by Roman architecture and simplified to suit modern needs. They are alternated with large jali grills showcasing an intricate floral pattern to enhance the grandeur of the entrance. These jalis, along with large windows above the portico, flood the interior with daylight. The 600-seater hall is a large double height volume with galleries on the first floor offering views of activities below. The guest rooms are accessed through these galleries on the first floor. The dining area on the basement level can accommodate 400 guests and has one main kitchen and a smaller ancillary kitchen to prepare food in batches.