Dream Ville,

Jayanagar, Bangalore

Client             :    Mr. Kirthi B S

Gross Area   :    12,400 Square feet

Status            :    In Progress

Cost                 :    INR 4 Crores

The client wanted a luxurious apartment and the focus of the design was to create unusually elegant spaces and interiors. The aim was to give the apartment a very simple, stylized and elite feel.

The Ground floor has dedicated parking space. The front fa├žade has zig-zag windows which mirrors in the upper floors. The Fourth floor consisted of a duplex Penthouse with a large balcony. The Fifth floor balcony projects over one part of the balcony. The double height window lights up the entire penthouse throughout the day. The Penthouse balcony is topped with a metal pergola, giving different patterns of shade and shadow through the day.

Each space and element has been carefully designed and detailed; with the straight line forms of the furniture as the unifying vocabulary in the apartment. The use of solid wood gives the space an elite, classy, feel and brings warmth to apartment. This major challenge that the designer had taken up for himself was to define the penthouse to feel like a bungalow a top a high- rise block.