Durga Flute,

Bangalore, Karnataka

Client             :    Durga Projects Infrastructure Pvt. ltd

Gross Area   :    75,000 Square feet

Status            :    Completed 2015

Cost                 :    INR 12 Crores

The design of Durga Flute looked at ways of introducing porosity in an urban high- density, high-rise development, while offering residents and guest's glimpses in between buildings and narrow lanes, revealing the charm of a dense Bangalore city. Landscaping is incorporated in all the common areas throughout the building.

Lower level units have private cantilevered gardens that create a rhythm of green elements running vertically throughout the whole development. Green walls have been created all the way up the building to increase the landscape area and interaction between interior and exterior. Internal light wells are planted with green walls, and give private garden views to every room. The condominium apartments are all accessed off naturally ventilated and naturally lit corridors, reducing the energy use of the building substantially