R V C E Civil Block, Seminar Hall,

Bangalore, Karnataka

Client             :    R V Institutions

Gross Area   :    3,000 Square feet

Status            :    Completed in 2014

Cost                 :    INR 45 Lakhs

This is a lecture hall within the campus of R.V. College required to host 200 guests. The auditorium is stepped to ensure clear visibility. Audience enter the hall through a large central door on the rear side whereas two doors are provided on either of the sides of the stage, for the important guests. The hall is focussed towards a raised platform for the lecturer which has the podium and screen to project digital material for the audience. The chairs are aligned along curved lines to direct the line of sight towards the stage. Three aisles enable ease of circulation for the crowd. The walls have triangular acoustic panels with circular perforations, arranged to form three dimensional, hexagonal faces. Beams are cladded with grey panels that create a visual balance against the white ceiling. Grey granite with black border is used for the flooring.