Ogara Factory,

Bidadi, Karanataka

Client             :    M/s. Ogara

Gross Area   :    72,000 Square feet

Status            :    In Progress

Cost                 :    INR 20 Crores

The Ogara Factory @ the Bidadi highway is a food processing industry producing ready to eat instant mix powders, condiments and Indian spices. The building is a prime example for a modernist building with a formalistic and functional approach. Minimal in design, it conforms to the ISO requirements applying to the food industry. The planning is molded by the flow of raw materials to finished goods, Staff movement etc., to ensure a smooth functional flow on a day to day basis.

The interiors consist of service areas where the staff have to go through a stringent process of hygiene protocols and the Shop floor where all equipment's are located. There is an aero-Bridge that runs along the periphery of the shop floor at the mezzanine level where the visitors can glimpse the ongoing processes within. There are various vantage points where the visitors can sit down for discussions. However, there is structural Glazing enclosing the interiors. The Ground & First floors consist of service areas, Mezzanine floor and shop floors. The Second Floor consists of the office block.